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Screen Printing

Plastisol ink - Used by most and is the industry standard ink. Great for all colors of garments. It has a heavier feeling print but will last.
Water Based ink - Great for lighter colored garments and for a softer feeling print. Not as vibrant as plastisol.
Discharge ink - Used on 100% Cotton Garments for a very soft feel and vintage look.

Specialty inks available. Glitter, puff, reflective, shimmer

Add Foil for an easy flashy attractive shine to make your apparel stand out



Direct to Garment Printing or DTG Printing is a process in which a digital image is directly printed onto the apparel.  This allows us to print any size order with highly detailed and full color designs affordably.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Great for using on Jerseys for Names and Numbers.
It is also used on smaller orders that use text and simple designs.

Also done in house...

Full Color Vinyl Stickers
& Banners

HT Wifey
HT 12
HT Skull
HT Rooster
HT Dragon
HT Rangers
HT Motocross Jersey 514
HT Motocross Jersey 513
HT Motocross Jersey 324
HT Basketball Jersey
HT Boxing Shorts
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